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Do a barrel roll!

Old 08-24-2012, 01:51 AM
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Do a barrel roll!

No Really Don't.. Iv'e been stalking this site for maybe 2 years now mainly looking at the tips and reading stories and wasting my life on the computer. Iv'e been riding for about 2 seasons now it would have been three but at the end of last year I lowsided my 03 636 of the road into a ditch where... it rolled... a few times. Any way my money has been tied up with my lovely new wife and she is nice enough to encourage me to put it back together even after I got arrested for reckless driving anyway what I'm looking for is recommendations if any to help me with my bike, because its so broken this winter really gives me time to baby it and put a lot of time and effort into it. I would like to take it from an old wrecked stock 636 to a nice personalized stunter. Everything forward of my handle bars is gone aside from my forks and wheel but i want to bring her back to life and also make her street legal again. I know I need a new wiring harness because mine is smashed and so is my speedometer any ideas for a post wreck maintenance / rebuild? And Yes i'm one of those beginners looking for help that you guys have seen 100 times but i wanted to address some things i haven't read about much here.One thing a few of my friends (non stunters) have mentioned are power commanders and i'm wonder why that isn't a more common topic on these boards are there pro's and cons for stunting or is it just not necessary money. I'm looking for suggestions and any advice... dos / don'ts anything your experience has to offer.

End Product:
Maintenance: Whatever that may be.
Power Commander
Engine Cage
Sub Cage
Case Covers
Head Lights
Handle Bars
12 Bar
Sprockets & Chain
Lighting (signals / brakes)
may need a new rear fairing doesn't have to be stock 636
And if im doing all this why not paint it while its apart
I would like to tune the engine as well so when spring rolls around it will be a brand new bike.

Unfortunately the closest Kawasaki dealership.... folks are kinda stuck up so im essentially on my own. Any comments are helpful thanks guys.

Here Is the Before and After with the wifey on the back .

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Old 08-24-2012, 12:52 PM
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Re: Do a barrel roll!

Hey man good to hear you and your bike are ok! I think your right bottom fork looks bent? If you've got time on your hands. Dismantle the bike and paint the frame. Coolest bikes have color matchin frames. or if you're really ballsy i think you can polish it? correct me of i'm wrong but your frame is aluminum?
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Old 08-27-2012, 02:15 AM
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Re: Do a barrel roll!

well as far as set up goes its all personal far as stunt cages and all that fun stuff theres numerous debates on that stuff..for me i like sick innovations or atown customs for all the stuff...more so atown then anything but like i said thats just check out they have a crap load of threads to search on this stuff and a build thread...cruz threw the pics see what ya like and start far as power comanders the reason for the debate is because a lot of begginers think thats the key to doing better wheelies but not really it helps smooth out your idle and stuff but its not a necessary thing to buy for stunt rideing especially with a 636 they pull like a mother..then also you forgot about gearing and thats all dependant on how much street vs. lot riding your gonna be doing if its mostly street you can keep it stock but most prefer 50-54 tooth rear sprocket...honestly like i previously mentioned its all personal choice with everything and then finding the parts you thing that you might want to consider is doing a front end swap and possibly a rear end swap...most swap the 03/04 frontends and swingarms with the 05 636's because they are more reliable and hold up better..

plus whats wrong with a good barrel roll?? ive done it to my bike twice now lol the second time did it in though now im doing a minor rebuild to get it going to finish the riding season

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Old 08-27-2012, 10:42 PM
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Re: Do a barrel roll!

Hey thanks a bunch guys yeah I'm planning a whole obnoxious paint scheme I had heard the same about the front ends being stronger on the later models. Im super excited to start working on this baby and thanks for the power commander comment and the website ill be sure to check that out. I will want to ride it quite a bit on the street but i dont feel like i will miss the 20 percent of my top end... because honestly i have way to many speeding tickets as it is lol As far as barrel rolls go... i ended up flying through a bush lol Luck was on my side that day.
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