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Bomber#1 12-21-2003 06:09 AM

Nordic Stunt Riding Championship 2004
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Nordic Stunt Riding Championship 2004 is again in Finland!
Date of Event is 19.6.2004, at Kiikala airport.
Same time there is Finnish biggest motorcycle Festival, Bomber weekend! ( Check more info: [url][/url] )

Helsinki 87 km
Turku 78 km

Salo 27 km

Rules of Stunt riding in NSRC :

- Motorcycle of the competitors needs to have at least two-cylinder engine,
sized more than 500cc.
- There are no other limits concerning the bikes.
- There is no limit for the ages of the riders.
- Stunts are done as solo-ride, no assistants allowed
- Before the competition-show, all the competitors have warm-up time on the track.
- Showtime is 6 minutes per rider.
- Flagmen are on the track to take care that competitor will be informed, when time is over.
- There are going to be several judges in the jury, all the points are going to be
calculated together to get the final points per driver.
- There is no limit for the weather. Competition will be riding, even if it is going to be snowing. :)
- All the riders willing to take part on the competition are allowed to participate
and have possibility to win money-prizes.
Only the ones coming from Scandic countries are able to win the Nordic Champion-title 2004.

Information and comp. riders can E-mail:
[email][email protected][/email]

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