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kystunt 09-30-2013 01:31 AM

zx7r questions
i got this bike as a fixer upper, and it doesnt need much, but i do have a few questions about it.

should my rad hoses have pressure when the bike is running?
what is the round thing beside my oil filter (it may be leaking..)?
there are two connectors, on each side of the rad, one looks like the wires are coming from a water pump, beside the rad cap, and the other is coming from a group of wires on the left side of bike beside the rad... these connectors look like the fit into one another but the length of the wires are too short to reach eat other...what are these for?
and my fan comes on when the key is turned on...would this be the reason for those connectors not be connected? and could this be because my thermostat is shot?

the front end has a street fighter style headlight and the guage cluster and other things arent on it, they came with the bike, just not on it...

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