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BikerMalik 07-11-2009 09:13 AM

125 dirtbike upgrade parts?
Got my first bike some weeks ago and although it aint the yamaha yz250f i wanted because yamaha dealer here quoted me at $25,000 ( $12,500 US)to purchase a 2005 model:whoopass:. I want to try get the bike i got to look decent with a paint job, a new pipe (runs stock atm), headlights, etc. Any sites and/or manufacturers that you know of who i could look at to start compiling some options? Bike is a Zongshen zs125gy-a btw
Images was posting to big so using links instead :banghead
[URL] 002.jpg[/URL]
[URL] 006.jpg[/URL]
[URL] 005.jpg[/URL]
[URL] 003.jpg[/URL]

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