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John Bryan

I copied this from a post i made after the accident. this all happened in Sept 18th 08 but i just watched the video again and decided to post

The video was made from me days after it happened.. read on

BTW.. before someone bashes the "gay" mohawks the last paragraph john at one time had no hair cause of treatments so his idea was to put hair on his helmet lol just so happened to be the please try to understand that fact

It was about 8:45pm he came to my house i just got done adjusting somethings on my stunt bike. I wanted to go for a quick ride to see how things were on the bike. but i never knew it was going to be his last. We went out for a ride took a left on a street here in my town. this street if you can try and picture if you will it 5 lanes with a turn lane in the middle. we were ni the far right lane. Me and a friend was side by side they went in front of us. the kept going i was going about 45 or so and they were about 1/8 mile in front. all of a sudden i seen his tail light start shaking violently then shot him across all lanes to the left he hit the curb rode the curb and i though he go it back. but it shot him back to the right. and then it all happened

.. from what i saw in the dark it looked like a hit the curb and flipped. but i wasnt sure i speed up getting the the scene quick. we started screaming his name trying to find him... then we found him. he was wrapped up in a fence and around a poloe. my two other friend ran up and then ran away they were soo scared. i ran up to john. .....i took johns helmet in to my hands yelling his name trying to get him to come back. I tried soo hard to get hiim to talk to say something. I wanted so back to try and say him but he was gone. He died at 9:12 ..

I was the first one to tell my friend he was gone. I was the first to tell his brother he had died in my hands. I was the first to tell his parents he died in my hands. .. his parents have a clock in there house that chimes at 12 after thehoure for john grandfather who died at 10:12 and john died at 9:12 soo when that clock chimed 3 days ago he died in my hands tryign to get him back in peace and not alone.

I wanted to tell the story in reminder no matter if your stunting or riding anything can happened at anytime .. if you squeez that throttle keep in mind it could be your last..

thank you for reading.


Thanks again to everyone for the wishes and prayers. I just found out some information that kinda hit me even harder last night.
John I known for close to ten years... and he had a secret he told no one about. was in remission from 95% bone marrow cancer and also had leukemia which he was in remission for as well. If you would have met john he had a studder that was very noticeable. and after i heard that everything made soooo much more sence why hi got and did alot of the things that he did.

hi tribute video i did for him that will be played at the funeral
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Re: John Bryan

This is the Video that i made for his parents. There are alot of the funeral pics in here. it Think this is a real touching video.
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Re: John Bryan

Thats sad R.I.P
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Re: John Bryan

Man. I got the chills from your story. That's amazing about the time he passed and the time his grandfather passed. So incredible. We share two things in common. My twin brother was named Jon and he passed in my arms as well after a nasty tank slapper at 130mph. We are identical twins and we're adopted so we were very close. Him being gone has taken a big part of me and even though it's been 14 years, it seems like yesterday. I'm sorry about your loss and John sounds like an amazing person. Not to mention strong phsically as well as mentally. I hope that you have begun to heal and although time makes things easier unfortunately it doesn't make things go away. You were there for a reason. You and John had a special connection and you were ment to be there for him. As odd as it may be I believe things happen for a reason. We don't always know what it may be and often times we never know but he needed you there for him. I feel for you and I'm always here to listen. Even though we've never met we both have been there when life decides to throw us a curve. Anytime you need to talk don't hesitate to hit me up. Take care and ride safe brother
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