calling out all of you Army and National Guard

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calling out all of you Army and National Guard

Ok, not really calling you out. Just needed an attention getter.

Anyway, Im coming up on my EAS almost immediately after I get out of Afghanistan. Im an 0311 (11b equivalent) e3 in the Marines. I received an onbase DUI about a year and a half ago.

I'm trying to choose what to do with my life after this while Marine Corps thing is up. I want to go to school, and was all about my EAS. However, I've been contemplating doing the PA guard and possibly going the route of WO aviation.

Do any of you by chance have an insight on this? I've been reading about it on the 'net, and talked to a army MstSgt in the chowhall. But neither offered much up-to-date information. Any info would be appreciated.


PS. Either way, Im not excited about wearing those ACU's, so Ill need some strong persuasion
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Re: calling out all of you Army and National Guard

Get out and go to school while you are young. The army will always be there
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Re: calling out all of you Army and National Guard

The army WOFT program is a very difficult program to get into. the DUI is going to make it really hard on you. The first step is to go to the BX/PX and grab an AFAST Study guide. Id then reccomend taking an intro or discovery flight for Fixed Wing, and if possible Rotary Wing. (Ive been flying since i was a kid). Next step is to Enlist in the Army with a job that is related to Aviation. I am a 92F which is Petroleum Supply, so i pump the gas into the birds, and i get a lot of time with the pilots to talk and get insight. Study for the AFAST you need a 90 but to get in you need a 120 at a minimum. I got a 119 i think on it. You will have to take the test on an ARMY base in the Ed center.

Once you take the test pray you get a good score, while at the airfield start up small talk with pilots. Ive seen guys who get 125+ scores and the WO's will take them to the LT COL and make the COL send em to Flight school. You will need a Letter of Reccomendation from a CWO5 or LT Col (i think), but the more you get the better chance the Warrant Officer College will accept you. After you are accepted (im still waiting), you will attend a 6 week WO Course. Ive heard this is the worst time of your life, like Boot camp and OCS combined. Then you attend flight school. Plan to spend 2 years at a minimum at Fort Rucker, AL as you have to do WOCS, Initial Flight Training, SERE, Advanced Flight Training (Where you stop flying a Robinson R22 or some other crappy civvy bird and start flying the fun stuff). Now be warned you WILL NOT GET TO CHOOSE YOUR BIRD! Some classes will all fly the UH-60 where others will all fly the Appache, or a mix, its all the armys needs.

Odds of getting in are slim to none, it will take a long time and plan to spend years of waiting (and you will need to wear our snazzy ACU's instead of the crappy MCU's :D ).

And i think they will give you 92F (or whatever you get) as your primary with 11b as your secondary, ive had friends who were 0311 who came over to 92F and they got both from the army.

If ya have any questions just send me an email and i can help you out as well.. at [email protected]

(btw i am a PFC (e-3) in the Reserves stationed at Fort Carson, CO)
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Re: calling out all of you Army and National Guard

Take the shot. Believe it or not, I just graduated WOCS and am sitting in the bubble waiting for BOLC and SERE to start up before heading off to Primary. The worst thing that can happen is that they say no. The DUI sucks though. If you need any help at all with the packet, let me know. I know I'm somewhat of a newb on this site but I know my way around the WOC program. Good luck buddy.

WO1 Adam Beville
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